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VIP-SCS provides complete turnkey supply chain management solutions. Whether you are test marketing a consumer product that often requires schedule changes, or managing a launch of a national or international product, you can count on us to provide complete services from warehousing, inventory, transportation, and documentation. We adhere to lean principles in our process which ensures you get what you need, as you need them.

Logistics Services:

  • Warehousing and Inventory Control Management
  • Pick/Pack and Contract Packaging Services
  • Support Relationships for Spare Parts Program/Aftermarkets
  • Drop Shipment and Receiving Facility
  • Inbound Freight Inspection and Digitization Services
  • IT Resourcing/Virtual Ability for Clients to Access Inventory
  • Transportation
  • SAGE – Computerized Inventory Management System
  • Capital Equipment Storage
  • Short and Long-term Projects
  • In-house Client Office Space for Partnering
  • Emergency Projects
  • Crane Equipped Facility

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