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Export Custom Packaging

Shipping to off-shore locations is second nature to us. If your shipment is an emergency motor to solve a production issue or a key component to a process, we will have the in-house expertise to package, crate, rig, and track your package through to the right person. Our customer care means keeping you posted throughout the entire process.

We offer many services to meet your critical exporting needs and have a proven on-time shipping history (with 48 hour turn-around times) and also offer Priority 1 Services for emergency 24 hour service.

If you have a large or complicated event to ship off-shore (capital equipment move, plant relocation or trade show, for example) we offer complete project management services 

Export Custom Crating and Packaging Services:

  • ISPM15 (Export Compliance for International Shipments)
  • Custom Crates Meeting Domestic ASTM-D6251
  • In-house or On-site Crating Services and Consultation
  • CPD (Custom Packaging Design for Skids), for Small and Heavy Shipments
  • Design Consultation
  • Reusable Crates
    - Oversize Cargo/Break Bulk
    - Corrosion Control and Preservation Maintenance
  • Custom by Commodity; Specialized Container and Packaging Design Services
  • Custom Built Cradles/Saddles Inserts
  • VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) / UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) Bagging/Preservation
  • Consolidation
  • Kit Design Services and Crating
  • Export Project Digitization Service
  • Fireproof Crates
  • Fumigation Services

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