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Domestic Custom Packaging

If your customer or plant needs a package, VIP-SCS has the track record to deliver it. We have a proven on-time shipping history (with 48 hour turn-around times) and also offer Priority 1 Services for emergency 24 hour service (*Same Day*).

We offer complete custom packaging/crating and complete project management services for a variety of important must-be-on-time events including: plant closings/openings, relocations, consolidations, capital equipment moves, and tradeshows to name a few.

Domestic Custom Crating and Packaging Services:

  • Custom Crates Meeting Domestic ASTM-D6251
  • In-house or On-site Crating Services and Consultation
  • CPD (Custom Packaging Design for Skids; Small and Heavy Shipments
  • Reusable Crates
    - Oversize Cargo/Break Bulk
    - Corrosion Control and Preservation Maintenance
  • Custom by Commodity; Specialized Container and Packaging Design Services
  • Design Consultation
  • Kit Design Services and Crating
  • Custom Built Cradles/Saddles Inserts
  • Fireproof Crates
  • Fumigation Services

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